Summer at reVoice

reVoice will continue private lessons during June and July and will be closed all of August.

A Walk in Others' Shoes

As a singer, much of the preparation work that goes into my performances revolves around the question – what do I want to communicate to and share with my audience? I try to respect the composer and their choice of text by reflecting upon the words and how they are set to the music.

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“I Don’t Know”

Three small words we hesitate to say for fear of being thought ignorant or weak. In our society, certainty about things makes us feel safer, comfortable, even superior. But Rilke’s admonition to “live the ques-tions” may make us rethink how certain, after all, can we really be?

Cognitively, humans may be limited in

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Raison d’etre

There are days when I question the importance and worthiness of what I do.

It seems to pale against the everyday heroisms of first responders and emergency care staff, journalists risking their lives to cover war and lawyers defending those who have no voice. So coming upon this ArtsBlog by Randy Cohen helped

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Dissonance of Change: A Musical Metaphor

Dissonance of Change: A Musical Metaphor

The first day of spring will be upon us in a few weeks. The season of rebirth, growth and renewed energy after winter’s sometimes dreary, cold short days. And even though winter here has been very mild this year, there is something energizing about the notion of

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On (or Off?) Balance

In her diary of June, 1945, Anais Nin wrote “something is always born of excess”. I would include in that, disastrous war and over the top art, often the products of unbalanced power and/or unbridled passion. It is no wonder we are inundated with messages to keep our lives “in balance”. But in working to

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