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Brush Up On These Musical Skills

Here is a list of things you need to be able to do if you want to be a better musician!

Learn to count: understand rhythmic values of notes and rests, meter signatures, tempo markings (like allegro) and tempo changes and the relationships between all of these

Notation: learn letter names of pitches, how to sing intervals, sharps, flats, naturals and the names and spaces of both treble and bass clef

Harmonic patterns: Recognized key signatures (sharps and flats), triads and scales

Understand expressive notation: dynamics (F & P), phrasing (where to breathe!).

And musical vocabulary!! If you go to my Voicabulary page you will see a lot of vocabulary , sounds bites and voice and science page you will find other information to peruse!




Stay At Home Order

ReVoice will be closed until after the order, April 24 or whatever dates comes sooner or later! In the meantime I will continue to communicate with students and others via my website.

Keep Singing!!!


While we are on the stay at home order here is a free website ( where you can review music fundamentals and do some exercises. For some it may be a review, for others, an introduction to the basics of music theory.

Also – keep your voice in shape by warming up regularly, even

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Let It Go

I recently experienced a relevatory reflective moment in which the words “letting go” emerged from the dark recesses of my mind into a bright, crystalline sign.

Sometimes when a student gets caught up trying to do something exactly right, they to get stuck. I tell them to “let go”, let the

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Tending Our Inner Gardens

For this final issue of 2019, I look ahead to the last season of the year, winter.

I have an antagonist relationship with winter. I am not fond of its short days, cold, biting winds that seep into my bones and its eternal gray skies that zap my spirit and paralyze

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Hitting the Refresh Button

September always feels like New Year’s to me. I take an annual two week break end of August to give my students time to settle into their school schedules, but more importantly, to allow my brain to empty out and my spirit to refresh and re-energize.

After teaching all these many years, it

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