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The Holiday Are Here!

Make shopping easier this holiday season. Order a gift certificate from reVoice. Contact [email protected]

reVoice will be closed from December 19th until January 6th.

Back to School

reVoice is returning to it’s full schedule starting September 3rd.

Private lessons and vocal workshops are available – contact me or visit my website,

As the next newsletter will not arrive until November, Happy Fall!

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Summer Notes

reVoice will be closed from August 15th through Labor Day weekend. The next newsletter will come out in September.

ReVoice once again joins Joy Zimmerman, MSW and singer/songwriter for a vibrational healing workshop at Turning Point August 8th for cancer survivors, those suffering from chronic illness and caregivers.

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New Workshop

ReVoice now offers a new workshop for professionals who find themselves presenting and need help projecting. Contact [email protected] for more info.

New Workshop

This interactive and hands-on-workshop is designed to empower professionals in using their voice effectively in presentation and training settings. Your voice impacts how people hear what you have to say. This workshop includes instruction in how the voice works, how to care and maintain your voice. Gain confidence in public speaking when you have a

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Cold Temperatures, Dry Air

Remember with cold weather approaching our furnaces will kick on, drying out the air in our homes, cars and offices. Our bodies will need extra hydration so keep drinking water and better yet, get a humidifyer. Live plants will also add moisture to the air.

Tending Our Inner Gardens

For this final issue of 2019, I look ahead to the last season of the year, winter.

I have an antagonist relationship with winter. I am not fond of its short days, cold, biting winds that seep into my bones and its eternal gray skies that zap my spirit and paralyze

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Hitting the Refresh Button

September always feels like New Year’s to me. I take an annual two week break end of August to give my students time to settle into their school schedules, but more importantly, to allow my brain to empty out and my spirit to refresh and re-energize.

After teaching all these many years, it

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Space and Time

I recently crossed off an item from my travel bucket list – The Grand Canyon. A must see, I was told by friends and I echo their sentiments.

I spent much of my viewing time in awe of this vast, natural made wonder of the world, finding it difficult to imagine

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