Riva Capellari

Located in Brookside in the heart of Kansas City

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Vocal Healing

reVoice along with Joy Zimmerman, LMSW and sing/songwriter, will be offering a 2 session workshop, Explore the Healing Benefits of Your Voice”, Sunday afternoons October 8th and 15th from 2-3:30pm at the Westport Presbyterian Church, 201 Westport Road in Kansas City. Join us for an exploration of self-healing and vocal discovery through breath, sound and movement. For information contact riva@revoice.

What and When

As a voice teacher, I work with my students on vocal technique, music fundamentals, interpretation, foreign languages, vocal health and performance etiquette. But I also need to teach them how to receive and manage criticism of their voice and performances.

It’s important to remember that above all, criticism is information. I prefer

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Seasonal Shifts

Summer is waning, and I feel the pull of autumn. September always signals to me the beginning of the fall season regardless of the steaming temperatures we oftentimes ex- perience this month here in the mid-west. And growing up in Michigan, it was also the start of the school year, after our last hurrah

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Why Music?

For the past few years, the July News of Note issue has spotlighted teachers and the vocal challenges they face. Though barely into official summer, many teachers may already be preparing for their return to school in early August. So July seemed a good time to get them thinking about readying their voices for

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A Walk in Others' Shoes

As a singer, much of the preparation work that goes into my performances revolves around the question – what do I want to communicate to and share with my audience? I try to respect the composer and their choice of text by reflecting upon the words and how they are set to the music.

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“I Don’t Know”

Three small words we hesitate to say for fear of being thought ignorant or weak. In our society, certainty about things makes us feel safer, comfortable, even superior. But Rilke’s admonition to “live the ques-tions” may make us rethink how certain, after all, can we really be?

Cognitively, humans may be limited in

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