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Located in Brookside in the heart of Kansas City

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Veteran Discounts

Discounts for veterans now through December.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

Cold Temperatures, Dry Air

Remember with cold weather approaching our furnaces will kick on, drying out the air in our homes, cars and offices. Our bodies will need extra hydration so keep drinking water and better yet, get a humidifyer. Live plants will also add moisture to the air.

Waiting for the Bus

News of Note

Waiting for the Bus

I am finally at the point in my life when I can actually take the time to just sit and watch and listen to the rain. It feels like a luxury, but it made me think how often these types of

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Musical Pleasure

I think it would be fair to say that most people enjoy music whether as a participant or a listener or at times, both. But why we get pleasure from music seems to have baffled theorists for centuries.

Aristotle, in his Poetics, stated that words together with melodies somehow captured the

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News of Note

A “Sound” Education

I recently read an article about music students who, as soon as they graduated with their music degrees, chose to enter medical school. As a college student myself, I remember that several of my fellow music students did the same. In fact,

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Music Through The Centuries

On a sultry evening in Florence, Italy, a chance encounter outside Santa Croce Cathedral with black attired men and women clasping the tell-tale music folders, led me into the spectacular interior of this centuries old church. A free concert was being presented, celebrating the 150th birthday of Giacomo Rossini, who is buried there. Listening

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