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Big Change at reVoice

As of December 14th, 2022, I have officially closed my private voice studio. However, I am not ready to go lightly or softly into retirement. After taking some time to settle into my new lifestyle, I will be posting writings and  updates on my offerings. During January and February I plan on a self-induced hibernation but come spring, there will hopefully be results from my time off for reflection and rebooting.

2023 The Year of the Tree

2023 The Year of the Tree

After my challenging and invigorating project for 2022, “creating my canvas”, I rummaged through my collection of essays and philosophical meanderings to arrive at an often visited theme – Trees. From discovering their below ground, inter-connectedness and moving through their seasonal changes and upheavals,

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The Blessings of Darkness

I received a lovely Christmas gift this year, an Advent Calendar with daily messages from Joy Zimmerman. While they all have been delightful, the poem she read on December 21st, the winter solstice, blossomed into something unexpected.

Having completed my “blank canvas” challenge for 2022, I have been wandering

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Finishing the Canvas

It has been an unbelievable journaling year for me, thanks to Joy Zimmerman’s terrific idea for 2022 – to design and create our own canvas. I took up the challenge and not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself, but came to realize that this task propelled me to plumb the depths of things

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Wintering Part Two

November is the month we celebrate my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and while I am not a big fan of holidays in general (except my birthday which I realize is not actually a holiday for most), I am partial to this one as it has escaped (mostly) the commercialization beset upon others, involves wonderful

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Lovely October

Lovely October

You know, I really love October. The quintessential autumn month. Full of crisp chilly mornings that turn into glorious sunny days, the play of swooshing leaves underfoot, visions of yellow, red and orange swirling above in the swaying branches, showing off one last time before winter strips them

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