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We Must Not Be Silent

World Voice Day is April 16th.

Established in Brazil in 1999 as the Brazilian National Voice Day by a group of physicians, speech-language pathologists and singing teachers, today it is celebrated as World Voice Day.

This year’s theme is Lift Your Voice. As COVID has clearly revealed, many voices are not being heard, or if they are, they are being dismissed. Thinking over this concept, I began to formulate in my mind the image of many,  many voices filling the space with sound, sending vibrations through the air, creating an echo chamber, creating a “voice” difficult to suppress.

We live in a global trapestry that is being stretched to the breaking point, rent in places, leaving many vulnerable. For those of us living in a tighter woven segment, it is essential that we gather to help mend these tears before they radiate throughout, weakening the whole.

So let us all lift our voices together to strengthen those that have been made inaudible. Let us fill the the oppressed silence with deafening sound that will resound around the world.


Is that a Question?

A new video for those vocal fry and upspeak habits!

Fatto a mano – Home Made

My mother was not a great cook, but she did teach me to sew. I didn’t realize until I was forced into Home Ec class in junior high (I was a girl, shop class not an option), that most of my female classmates were clueless about threading a needle, let alone manipulating a

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Somewhere along the continuum of my yearly life I began to set deadlines motivated and triggered by the season changes. I haul my Christmas tree outdoors in January as a shelter for the birds during cold, blustery winter days, but I cut off a few small twigs of pine needles to put in

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My February Canvas

Resilience / Optimism

Resilience: 1) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; 2) the ability to spring back, elasticity

Optimism: 1) attitude reflecting a belief or hope for a positive, successful or desirable outcome; a trait that fosters resilience

As we enter my second least favorite month

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The Canvas Before Us (Joy Zimmerman)

We have a wonderful singer/songwriter here in Kansas City. Joy Zimmerman has been keeping her music alive all through this pandemic with videos, newsletters and outdoor house concerts. It also gave her the inspiration to compose new work and record a CD, “The Canvas Before Us” ( now available from her website

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“Why Can’tThis Be My Life”?

I asked myself, at least in my head, not that it mattered either way as I live alone and no one else would have heard it even if I had said it aloud. My schedule was rather empty of clients those first 2 weeks of January because of COVID rearing its big head

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