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Singing Leaders
What does it mean to have a voice? What is the importance of finding your voice?
In 2008, Kay Kleinerman, Ed.D, interviewed nine women, leaders in their careers, who had studied singing for a period of at least 3 years, to find out if this personal learning experience had an effect on their leadership skills.

Without exception, these women agreed that studying singing and performing in public, empowered them, encouraged them to explore, take risks and tackle new challenges. For them, taking singing lessons became a transformative learning experience.
So what makes a leader and how did vocal study enhance these leadership qualities? Being secure in your core self is the foundation for “being heard”, respected; communicating from the inside out, revealing the genuine you versus responding with“situational behaviors”. All the women interviewed felt their singing experiences fostered a development of self and learning habits that found their way into their everyday thinking. Their vocal training emphasized patience and perseverance in the learning of a new skill; self-discipline and responsibility in their practice habits to hone these skills; exploration in finding and freeing their unique voices; success and humility of public performance.
Vocal lessons provide an opportunity for personal discovery of self-awareness and self-reflection, both critical attributes of leaders. This integration of the mind, body and spirit, the visceral and the emotional helped to develop a balance between thoughts and emotions. It resonated in them physically through awareness of their breathing and posture, basic fundamentals of good singing and speaking. Their voices became extensions of themselves, giving them an identity and a vehicle through which they could find expression.
Women more than men have felt the constraints of a society that has at times, demanded silence from them, causing many to submerge their true selves as they bend to the rules of society. Women’s voices have been and in some cases still are, denied, dismissed and undervalued. Our history is filled with women who suffered condemnation for speaking out. Let us strive to make sure the wisdom and knowledge of “those without a voice” will no longer be lost to the world.
Women Sing, Women Lead: The Transformation of Identity and Emergence of Leadership in Women Through Voice. Kay Kleinerman, Ed.D. GEMS, Vol 4, 2008.

Sing For Your Summer
If you would like to “find your voice”, sign up for a beginning voice class this summer. Each class is an hour in length and the session runs for 6 weeks. Class size is kept small so instruction can be tailored to individuals. If you are interested and would like more information, see the services page or contact reVoice at [email protected].

Singers Needed
As many of you may know, this year is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and there will be many special events in remembrance of that day. One of them will be a performance of Rene Clausen’s “Memorial” on Sunday, September 11, 2011 at the Community Christian Church, 4601 Main in Kansas City, MO. Sponsored by Westport Center for the Arts, Community Christian Church and the Medical Arts Symphony, this program will feature a 100 voice choir and the Medical Arts Symphony. If you would like to join the choir and be involved in this special concert, you will find more information and details of the rehearsal schedule at

Gift Packages
As always, reVoice offers gift packages for all occasions. Give a unique experience to someone this summer for their birthday or even Father’s Day! These certificates range in price from $25 – $85 and can be used towards private instruction or a class.

Creativity Calls
Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. George Bernard Shaw
Summer is approaching – longer days, warm and breezy. The smell of fresh cut grass. As we delve into a new season, take some time to think how you would like to spend those extra hours.
Much has been written about the impact computers have on our brains. The constant stimulation provided by a 24/7 internet and the texting phenomenon, leaves very little time or space in our minds for the creative process. So this summer, break away from the technologies that have become so intertwined with our daily lives and let your imagination soar!
Creativity in Crisis, Lynn Helding. Journal of Singing, Vol. 67, #5. National Association of Teachers of Singing, 2011.

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