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Change Is A-Foot

A New Year!!!
As promised, News of Note is taking on a new look. The newsletter will be reduced to one page and divided into four quarters, each with a different focus. The final format is still evolving but here is a preview of what is down the pipeline.

Voice Science and Health
This section will focus on voice science and on-going research in the vocal sphere. It will include not only information on the voice and its mechanics, but motor learning and how that knowledge contributes to vocal training. In addition, updates and reminders on vocal health care; how to care for and maintain your voice throughout your lifetime.

Did You Know……?
Down here will be tid bits of information on music, the voice and other subjects related to sound production. Factoids from history, music, psychology, exercise science and more will be showcased here. Hopefully your prowess at the next Trivial Pursuit game will increase due to information discovered in this section.
Helpful Hints
Next, warms ups for the voice and body, ideas for everyday vocal living, how to prepare for special vocal occasions, and even suggestions for choosing and learning a new piece of music or approaching the delivery of a speech.

And lastly, a place for Q and A, what’s happening in the Kansas City vocal world, singing opportunities and offerings from reVoice. Famous Quotes, vocabulary and anything else that does not easily fit in the other three categories!

Again, the 2013 version of News of Note is still on the drawing board so if you have ideas or thoughts, subjects to be explored, questions to be answered (I will do my best!), let me know. Please contact me at [email protected]

Happy New Year!!!
May the New Year bring you all good things!

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