Riva Capellari

[email protected]

Located in Brookside in the heart of Kansas City

I feel like I finally “slayed the dragon”….

Singing has always been a joy for me, but my comfort zone has been singing in a choir surrounded by other voices. It has always been a huge fear of mine to sing solo in front of an audience, but at the same time, a goal I wanted to reach. When I first started working with Riva almost 2 years ago, it had been over 20 years since I had sung in any kind of choir, and I quickly realized how “out of practice” I was. ¬†For starters, Riva literally had to teach me the proper way to breathe again! Riva is patiently helping me rediscover my voice, teaching me the tools of vocal performance I need to know, and helping me get over the big hurdle of fear and insecurity when I sing. It’s been a long journey, but I feel like I finally “slayed the dragon” of my fears when I sang solo for the first time recently in front of a group. It felt great and the compliments definitely have given me a boost of confidence. Many thanks to Riva who continues to help me chip away at the diamond in the rough.


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