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there are basically five classes of medications for treating allergies?

Decongestants relieve congestion by reducing the diameter of submucosal vessels, thus limiting the release of fluid to local tissues. Antihistimines negate histamine production, decreasing secretions. Both these medications dry out the vocal fold tissues necessitating increased air pressure to phonate. The mucosa loses its “slippery” factor and is more difficult to move. Antihistimines may also cause drowsiness. Mucolytics  thin secretions by adding fluid to them. These meds can be ingested (Robitussin) or inhaled. Topical steroids  alleviate symptoms, but have several negative side effects such as throat irritation, cough and hoarseness. Mast cell stabilizing agents  treat the source vs. the symptoms, reducing the cell outflow that triggers an allergic response. Although they work quickly, their effect is short-lived.

Vocology: The Science and Practice of Voice Habitation. Ingo Titze & Katherine V. Abbott. National Center for Voice and Speech. 2012.

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