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Sneezing Season

Back in February, surrounded by snow, it was difficult to envision blossoming flora. With spring approaching, the allergies will rage!

What is an allergy? When a “foreign” element invades our bodies, our immune system kicks into gear. These antigens (proteins that encourage inflammation) and allergens (environmental substances) often trigger our immune systems into an allergic reaction. In addition to inflammation, other annoying symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, throat clearing, nasal drip, headaches and ear pain are common.   More serious symptoms include fever, pulmonary and respiratory problems, even shock.

Allergies are problematic for singers because they affect the respiratory system and precipitate abnormal histamine production. The resulting inflammation and edema in the mucosa of the vocal fold tissues may cause hoarseness and sometimes even aphonic vocal production.

Vocology: The Science and Practice of Voice Habitation. Ingo Titze & Katherine V. Abbott. National Center for Voice and Speech. 2012.

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