Riva Capellari

[email protected]

Located in Brookside in the heart of Kansas City

Over 20 Years Ago!!!

I consider Riva my vocal mentor since we first met over 20 years ago. I enrolled in a vocal class at Johnson County Community College to continue my vocal studies where Riva was the instructor. I was so impressed with the way she taught that I pursued private lessons with her. After 3-4 years, my own private studio, being a mother and wife, and my involvement in local music organizations demanded too much of my time and I was forced to discontinue studying with Riva. However, she has remained my main source for vocal help when needed. I call her for advice, have her give summer master classes for my vocal students, bring my seniors to her for master lessons, and refer her as a judge for festivals. Riva is a gifted teacher. She is able to quickly detect a student’s vocal issue and offer a practical solution. She is always pleasant, respectful and so knowledgeable as she works. She personally has a beautiful voice and is able to demonstrate what she wants to see or hear. Riva has a rare combination that makes her an exceptional teacher. She not only has the knowledge but also the ability to impart that knowledge.


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