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Love Your Spine!

Unfortunately for our spines, we spend little  time in an upright position.  Daily, we bend over computers or slouch in our chairs. Here are a few exercises for that neglected spine!

First, find your proper alignment: stand, raising both arms overhead, then slowly lower the arms to the side, relaxing the shoulders, but keeping the sternum as is. Some will find this unfamiliar and even uncomfortable.

To improve flexibility and extension in the spine try these exercises:

Ragdoll: slowly drop forward, head first, arms, head and jaw loose; keep a slight bend in the knees; relax here a few seconds then slowly uncurl

Cat Pose:((a great spine stretcher!): on all fours or leaning over with hands on a table, alternately arch and round your back, taking the head with it

REMEMBER! prevent injury by listening to your body. Consult your doctor before doing these exercises if you have back problems or have had back surgery.

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