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Family, Food and Stress!

Family,Food and Stress!

We all know the drill – during the holiday season we eat and drink too much, exacerbating the often times intense relationships with family and colleagues. We are inundated with articles about stress and  how to reduce it. But what really happens when we “stress-out” and how do all these “stress reducing” tips really work?

Stress triggers the adrenal gland which produces cortisol – a “stress” hormone. Overloading on it can decrease antibody production and T-cell activity (a white blood cell that protects against certain pathogens)

Consuming lots of caffeine, sugar and alcohol at those office parties and family dinners causes fluid imbalance in the body through water loss. Dehydration and all the accompanying symptoms result: fatigue, headaches, possible dizziness from falling blood pressure and cognitive clarity. In addition, caffeine increases heart rate and blood pressure.

Sleep not only banks energy for the onslaught of holiday activities, it also restores and repairs. On the other hand, sleep depreciation decreases reaction time and reasoning ability, causes mood shifts, increases the risk of depression, interferes with “killer cell” production to fight infection, and stimulates the production of cortisol, yes – the stress hormone!

And exercise? Seriously? During the holidays?

Try laughing – think of it as “inner jogging”. Did you know that laughing heartily is just as invigorating as 10 minutes on a rowing machine? The lungs work harder during those “ha ha’s”, enriching the blood with oxygen and boosting immune cell act. Those full, deep breaths help metabolize our food and prevent a build-up of metabolic waste which can make us sluggish.  It relaxes the arteries, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure, easing strain on the heart. It lowers cortisol while increasing beta-endorphins, our body’s natural analgesic for pain and an anti-depressant.  All in all, laughing can improve our mood and promote relaxation while we “exercise”!

And why not treat yourself to a massage! It can increase blood circulation, remove waste, slow your heart rate, activate digestive juices and increase endorphins promoting relaxation via decreased muscle tension and stress.

Did you know….

children laugh 400x daily – adults 15?

we stress our muscles 50-200x a day and it takes 20 minutes to relax them back to normal?

listening to quiet, gentle music can reduce anxiety, reduce heart and breathing rates?

Whats Happening!

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Happy Holidays

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