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Happy New Year 2014

Here it is, the beginning of another new year and I find myself in a quandary over the “theme” of this year’s newsletters. Several ideas have been whirling around in my head, none, however, alighting on solid ground.

For some time how I have been interested in the connection between music, especially the use of the voice, and our well-being. Music research has discovered positive effects of music on our brain and emotional states as well as benefitting our physical health. But the voice, particularly because of its deep, personal and physical connection to who we are and how we present to others, can bring joy, tranquility and even transcendence through its use.

I have been singing and teaching for over 35 years and have witnessed first-hand personal satisfaction experienced by students upon achieving some vocal task, the development of a young woman’s confidence through vocal training, even mood changes and increased energy after just 30 minutes of singing.

My own life has been enriched immeasurably by music: singing and teaching. At the top are the many wonderfully interesting people I have met over the years, some starting as students and continuing as friends; a thread from inside the studio that connects outward to the wider world.

For me, singing is a powerful life force, one that carries me through grief, illness and troubling matters. It has taken me into emotional and physical realms I can reach no other way. Being able to produce and create music on such a personal, physical, emotional and spiritual level compels me to pass this exhilarating possibility on to others.

So this year will be a wild card. I promise no thematic unity over the next 12 months, just  a monthly look into an idea, a thought, an experience, a story. And if any of you would like to share any of the above with me, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

I am excited about what this year will bring in my teaching, my singing and the challenge of bringing you something new and different each month in 2014.

Did you know….

The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid and Coke distributors use it to clean their truck engines?

That noise 170dB and above can be lethal to our ears (sporting events are around 127dB)?

A glass of water can shut down hunger pains?

When you have a sore throat, it is not your vocal folds you feel, but the inflammation or your throat and nose tissues?

Things To Do

Check out the website for a fun tongue twister!


reVoice will start up private vocal sessions on January 6th. Begin the year with a new prospective on life – experience your voice.

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