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Everything is Vibration!

According to the American Heritage  Dictionary, to vibrate is to “ to move or cause to move back and forth rapidly; to produce a sound, resonate”.

“The cosmos is an ocean of vibration” says Dr. Mitchell Gaynor in his book Sounds of Healing.  Everything vibrates, so technically, everything is capable of making sound.  In fact, the human body is a complex vibrating system.

Every object has a natural frequency. Resonance occurs when an object “forces” its natural frequency onto another (forced resonance). “Similar things pulsate in a similar way and instantaneously communicate with and influence one another at the subtle levels through a kind of synchronized resonation” ( Belleruth Naparstek).  Entrainment is a word we use to describe this phenomenon.

Studies by Dr. Hans Jenny have shown how water takes on different shapes when vibrated at certain frequencies. Since the body is made up mostly of water, it would follow that vibration can effect changes to our physical being..

Although ultrasound is the most familiar use of sound in medicine, sound vibration can also transform our cellular structure, possibly disrupting functioning of diseased cells. If illness is indeed a result of our body’s natural frequencies getting out of balance with each other, bringing them back into harmony through the use of sound entrainment may restore it to health. “Sound vibrations are the tuning forks that synchronize us to our own true nature” (Gaynor). Our vibration rates differ from one another (“We are all unique vibratory beings”, Goldman), and each of us will respond in our own way to different sounds, including music.

Though not a substitute for traditional medicine, sound healing has been around for centuries.  Yet somehow we seem to have lost touch with these ancient belief systems.  Just think – frequencies can be modulated, reset, and as we are vibrating beings, why should we not avail ourselves of this power to help heal ourselves be it  through the soft patter of a light rain, the humming a childhood lullaby or the music of the spheres! We are alive with vibration!

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