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The Power of Intent

The Power of Intent

The ability to “heal thyself” through sound evolves from a journey of exploration, experimentation and intent. Jonathan Goldman’s personal formula for sound healing is: frequency (vibration) plus intention equals healing. Intent must be part of our strategy if we indeed hope to receive healing from vibrations.  Goldman believes that intention can “encode” itself onto a sound and influence the response of not only our own bodies, but of those who receive it. Similar to the “placebo” effect, the cause of a change is not as important as the change itself.

Have you ever experienced the “power of belief”? Have positive thoughts affected your life in some way?  Do you believe that our thoughts and energy can alter how we exist in our world?

The voice is our most natural sound-maker. We voice our feelings instinctively when we stub our toe or suffer a sudden trauma. It is the only universal instrument carried with us at all times.

Vocal toning is an ancient method of healing, and although there is little research to verify its healing legitimacy, those who practice it believe in its ability, among other things, to relieve pain, relax the nervous system, regulate circadian rhythms and enhance sleep. Toning may release various chemicals and hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, melatonin and endorphins into our system. It aids the harmonic alignment of our body’s many frequencies.

How does one go about “toning”? Like anything else it takes practice and experimentation. In her book, The Healing Voice, Joy Gardner Gordon gives these instructions: (paraphrased)

Sitting or standing erect so your abdominal area is free to move, Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose, releasing the air through the mouth while sustaining a pitch. Repeat. Keep the jaw relaxed.

Sounds easy! However, you need to explore  different combinations of  pitches and vowels or syllable(s). Pay attention to the sensations you experience in the various parts of your body. And always practice with intent!

Never discount the power of belief ( and sound!) to change your life.


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