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Vowel Power

In his book, The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing, Jonathan Goldman reveals his “vowels as mantras” system to resonate our chakras with our voice. He believes that vowels help us discover the power of sound. Opera singers know all too well the resonating power of vowels to propel their voices over a large orchestra!

The following toning of the chakras should be done where you will not be disturbed. Sit with your back straight in a chair, close your eyes and begin:

Starting with the root chakra, find the deepest, lowest comfortable note you can produce on an “UH” vowel. Focus the projection of this sound into the base of the spine, and sense its vibration. Gently and softly, repeat this sound seven times.

Following the above instructions sing an “OO” on a pitch slightly above the previous “UH” vowel.  Concentrate this vocalization into the area of the sacral chakra (below the navel)                                  seven times.

The “belly” chakra responds best to “OH”, pitched a little higher than the last vowel. You should be approximately in midrange of your voice at this point.

Continue this practice throughout the remainder of the chakras: the heart (AH), the throat (EYE), the third eye in the forehead (AYE) and the crown at the top of the head (EE). Raising the pitch slightly each time, target the individual chakras with seven repetitions of its vowel mantra. The final pitch on EE should be at the top of your comfortable range.  Remember to keep these phonations soft and gentle and to direct them towards the location of the specific chakra. This whole experience may take up to thirty minutes. Afterwards, sit in silence for a deep meditation and appreciation of this gift.

The purpose of this exercise is to practice aligning and balancing the chakras with each other.  This will bring your entire vibrational being into harmony.

Mr. Gold reminds us that the pitches we discover to best resonate these areas may vary from day to day as our chakras can change in response to our physical, emotional and mental status. As you move through your body with this exercise, do not strain your voice, relax and focus your vowel mantra on each chakra.  May you find renewed health and harmony through the power of the vowel!


The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing.  Jonathan Goldman. Hay House, Inc. 2008

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