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Here We Go Again!

I always close down my studio between the holidays to take time to step back and let new ideas (hopefully!) roll over me. I reflect, refresh and rejuvenate – my personal three “R”s. So as another new year opens up to us, I will be sharing my brain-full of possibilities for this year’s News of Note.

My initial list of “stuff to talk about” leans  heavily towards new discoveries about our brain – are we really left or right “brained” (or just an excuse to justify our weaknesses?), and the downside of multi-tasking (it increases the level of stress hormones and rather follows the premise, Jack of All Trades, Master of None).  Thoughts on the Theories of Intelligence (are you familiar with the seven original intelligences?), and is talent innate or can it be taught and nurtured (only takes 10,000 hours right?)

How mindfulness and attention to “attention” might help us with our anxieties (just enjoy those butterflies in the stomach instead of trying to wish them away!) and understanding the games that are played in our heads. The pros and cons of spending so much time with technology (digital footprints left on our brain) and the question, “is creativity in crisis” ( young people 8-18 years old spend on  average over 7 hours daily on a digital/electronic devices)?

What is “vocal image”? What does it say of us, is it important and why (will it nab us a second interview, make that sale?)? Do voice lessons really aid in developing leadership skills? How?

Some other interesting reads I have come across lately: does our mental process work bottom down or bottom up?  What role does feedback play in motor learning and does the type of feedback and the timing of it make a difference? How does short-term memory become long-term memory?


I hope so as I will be seeking answers or at least some form of explanation for these queries to report back here. And please, feel free to share any interesting tidbit you might come across.

So stay tuned for what may be a roller coaster ride through my brain this year as I delve into areas that will hopefully inspire, fascinate and illuminate.

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