Riva Capellari

[email protected]

Located in Brookside in the heart of Kansas City

Here's Somebody Who Could Really Help Me

I attended Riva’s introductory small group class because I wanted to improve my everyday speaking voice and delivery. During those classes, she worked individually with us for short periods, and I could see how quickly she identified each student’s strengths and weaknesses and adapted her exercises and advice to each of us rather than following a prescribed approach. Based on the beginner session, I thought “here’s somebody who could really help me”, and started taking bimonthly private lessons. I’ve appreciated Riva’s willingness to take on non-traditional voice students and feel lucky that she works with me, warts and all. She is energetic and positive. She makes the most of lessons, which are focused and quick-moving. She recognizes areas in which I’ve made progress but candidly addresses areas to work on. I agree with other students – Riva is a gifted teacher who is devoted to her students.                        Susan

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