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Our Body, Our Home

During a morning walk on a not too hot summer day, I was passed by a young woman running. I tried to remember how it felt to be able to fly like the wind. My body these days would probably revolt if I tried to coax it  beyond a brisk walk!  Like athletes, singers train and depend on the body to be there when needed. But how often do we take stock of this amazing structure? Let’s take a moment to ponder how this body of ours gets us through life.

Our brain prompts our body to action. The head is supported by the neck, the pathway between the brain and the body, the mind and the heart. The throat is the vehicle through which our breath and food sustain us. Our shoulders bear our burdens and enable our arms to embrace, our hands to touch and do, to reach out to others and the world. Our heart and lungs are protected by our ribcage while our diaphragm powers our life source, our breath.

Our abdomen, our core, centers us. The hips and legs provide balance and support and give us the ability to move. Our feet connect and ground us to the earth whether we stand still, walk, run or dance!

During vocal training, it’s important to not focus too narrowly on only the voice. It is just one of the many components of the whole body and one part of the “big picture” in the development of a singer. I try to impress upon my students the importance of treating their bodies with dignity and kindness and to take care of it. It’s the only one we will get.

I was unsure of what I was going to write about in this issue. Then I came across this quote from a book by Debbie Shapiro called Your Body Speaks Your Mind.

“Our body is where we spend our whole life – it is our home..”

As I get older I realize and appreciate the miraculous house we take everywhere we go, in which we experience aching muscles, bouts of exhilaration, grief and restful peace. Where we live. Today, be grateful and give thanks to this wonderful and beautiful abode.

Our Body Speaks Your Mind. Debbie Shapiro. The Crossing Press. Fresno 1997

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