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Reflections into the New Year

Reflecting Into The New Year

Maria Popova grew up in Bulgaria before moving to the United States where 10 years ago she started the Brain Pickings Newsletter. Now in its tenth year, she chose to mark the occasion with 10 of her life-earned beliefs. I thought repeating them here might stimulate our own reflections as we move into a new year.

#1 – “It’s better to understand than be right”. Well-formed opinions result from investing time, deep thought and research into a matter in order to come to decisions and opinions that truly reflect our convictions and values. And just as important, is an ability to alter or change them if further discoveries come to light or life gives us new experiences that may change our perspective.

#2 – As simple as it sounds “do what you love”, what excites you and brings joy and passion to your life. If money and status accompany these choices, all the better, but making these your main goals may deprive you of a fuller and happier life.

#3 – Generosity – of spirit, time, love, resources. Celebrating others’ achievements, encouraging them to greater heights and truly appreciating who they are is a great gift to offer and to receive.

#4 – Always find time to be quiet, to still the mind and body. Creativity often flows best when we allow bits and pieces of our ideas and experiences to float through our unconscious. And sleep! A safe haven for our thoughts and emotions and a foundation for a healthy life.

#5 – Be careful not to let others dictate who you are. Own your person and your reality. Do not let others’ assumptions or misunderstandings about you determine your identity or undermine your sense of self.

So – contemplate these first five “core beliefs” of Ms. Popova this month as 2017 approaches. January’s newsletter will present the remaining five. In the meantime, luxuriate in some self rumination!

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