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Singing in the New Year

Welcome 2017! The arrival of the new year always seem to be upon me sooner than expected. So in the resolution spirit of this time of year, I am presenting the remaining five “core beliefs” begun in the December newsletter. These are from Maria Poposa, the creator of Brain Pickings.

6. Presence versus productivity. Our society tends to size us up according to how much we make, our social status, our profession or how we look. Being present, really listening or “being in the moment” is more genuine and ultimately more satisfying. A favorite quote by Anne Dillard says it so well: “How we spend our days is how we spend out lives”. Work on being more present in your days.

7. Whatever it is, if it’s worthwhile it will take time. In our “culture of immediacy”, we forget that success does not happen overnight. We are impatient with slowness, with waiting for results. Instead, we need to cultivate our thoughts, search out other ideas, reflect upon what we deign important in our life and for our world. Luxuriate in the unfolding time that ultimately brings about who we are.

8. Magnify your spirit. Find out what and who magnifies your spirit and hold on to them. Keep them constantly in your life, visiting them often to maintain your spiritual health and well-being. Share them with others and the world.

9. Be an idealist. With so much fear and upheaval in the world today, idealists are in demand more than ever. Freeing ourselves from the “cog” of society and providing something new and better can change what now exists. If we supply different choices, and increase demand for them, change will happen. We can cater to the commercial, superficial mainstream, or create something wildly new. We must decide and exercise with vigor!

10. Fight cynicism. There seems to be much to be cynical about in our world today. But cynicism is “inherently uncreative, unconstructive and spiritually corrosive”. It’s easy and lazy to be cynical. It requires time and effort to think deeply and forge new paths away from the stagnancy of cynicism. In order for growth to stave off decline and destruction, we must regain our faith in the human spirit and live our lives with dignity and integrity, “acting from a place of largehearted, constructive rational faith” to rally against the contracting nature of cynicism. To do so takes courage and resistance.

In a quote from Joyce Di Dinato: “The power to bravely tip the scales towards peace lies firmly within every single one of us”. So let us not forget the power of one committed mind and soul!

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