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Let It Go

I recently experienced a relevatory reflective moment in which the words “letting go” emerged from the dark recesses of my mind into a bright, crystalline sign.

Sometimes when a student gets caught up trying to do something exactly right, they to get stuck. I tell them to “let go”, let the voice sing itself. It takes them awhile to “let go” but when they do, suddenly their voice soars and they experience a release from all that control, tension and most importantly, their fear of not being perfect!

Maybe getting older lends itself to more introspective moments, but the idea of letting go of grudges, frustrations, pain, anger and all the rest of those human frailties that keep peace and tranquility from our door, seemed like a good motto to take up.

So – as in singing, so in life; singing “in tune”, is like tuning ourselves to harmonize with our inner song and the outer symphony. To not get stuck in repeated patterns that limit our identities or experiences, and instead, have the courage to step outside our self-inflicted boundaries, to go beyond our comfort zone, even if it means changing the key.

As the year begins, I will strive to not let my impatience or aggravations root themselves into my psyche, to dictate my responses or to rob me of the pleasure of what the day has to offer.

So my wish for all of you this new year is to let go of old hurts, foul moods, and despair, and trade them all in for high hopes, a strong spirit, and the joy of living into each day with all your heart.

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