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So What Do We Know About Covid?

UC Davis Health has published many articles about the current pandemic. Here are a few “common mistakes” about COVID. Research is still evolving around this virus as is the contant barrage of new information. Here is some: not necessarily the last word?

Doctors and scientists believe that contaminated surfaces are not the highest risk for infection.  This is not to say that the virus is not on surfaces, but that transmission is primarily respiratory (hence the masks!).  And if wiping off surfaces, contact time between the cleaner and the surface needs to be at least 1 minute so just swiping may not really get rid of those critters. The EPA has a List N Tool: Covid-19 Disinfectants that will give you contact time for cleaners and if they even work against this virus. This also means that when you use hand santizers, you need to rub it in until your hands are dry, not shake them. Do not use sanitizer with methanol which is toxic and can be absorbed through the skin. And with all this use of santizer and hand washing, don’t forget to moisturize. Your skin may develop small tears that you can’t see, but can let in all kinds of trouble.

Be careful where you stand in regards to fans, especially big floor fans you might find in gyms or even restaurants. It basically pushes the air particles even further.

Masks yes. Masks with filter ports on the side NO. The purpose of the port is to allow the air you exhale to escape. Makes no sense. So yes, wearing a mask does make a difference for you and the people around you. Really, it is just a small piece of cloth.

They don’t really know yet how long immunity lasts if you have had COVID and have recovered or even if you were asympomatic. So most likely, even if you did get the virus, you should probably get the vaccine when it appears.

More articles on COVID from UCDavis: check out UCDavidHealth.







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