Riva Capellari

[email protected]

Located in Brookside in the heart of Kansas City

A Journey

I have been identified as a singer my entire life. I love to sing and love to share my song with others.  However, while I’d had the occasional group lesson in technique here and there, I had not intentionally studied voice before working with Riva.  I told her my first goal was to find my true natural voice and to know how to bring it forth with confidence every time I sing.
Riva was willing to dive into my journey during a time of great grief in my life. She let me know she was up to whatever I had to live through in the process. Singing became one of my healing processes and my time with Riva is precious. We were friends to begin with but that relationship is deeper now and lasting.
Riva taught me how to breathe correctly and naturally, how to feel the placement and shape of my voice and move it where it needs to be. She coached me to be able to relax my jaw and face to free up my vocal folds. I now know my voice. I know how to warm up and keep my vocal folds in good condition. I can stop and reset when tension begins to creep in.
Riva helped me prepare for two recitals with my sisters. Through that process she helped me build my confidence in the gift I have and the joy of sharing it. Thank you, Riva.

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