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The Voice as a Gift

During the time of the pandemic (as it will be called I am sure when we reminisce about it), I have luxuriated in one of my most favorite of activities – reading. Gleaning my “must reads” from the end of the year NYTimes Best Books List, I have been leisurely running through them, checking out whatever the library had available and some. One book, Becoming Duchess Goldblatt,¬†by Anonymous offered up this marvelous statement about the voice that I would like to share:

“My voice, it may surprise you to find out, I have on occasion hoarded to myself. I understood intuitively as a small child that my voice was a gift – not a gift in the sense of a talent, but a gift because it was divinely given… the voice is the mingling of the soul, the mind and the body together, expressed through the breath, which is life itself; how can any human voice not be sacred?I saw clearly that no one could demand a share of it. It was absolutely mine”.

In these days when some voices are loud and overwhelming, shouting down others who try to speak reasonably and honest, this perception of our unique voices as a sacred element of life struck  me heartily, leading to my presenting here to you.

If you have not read this book, you might want to look into it or even google her. She has quite the following. She is a real life person who adopted the Duchess as her fictional online persona. The book is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.




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