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The Canvas Before Us (Joy Zimmerman)

We have a wonderful singer/songwriter here in Kansas City. Joy Zimmerman has been keeping her music alive all through this pandemic with videos, newsletters and outdoor house concerts. It also gave her the inspiration to compose new work and record a CD, “The Canvas Before Us” ( now available from her website In her first blog/newsletter of the 2022, she challenges us to attend to our lives, beginning now, by filling up a blank canvas, designing our lives intentionally, creatively and with deep awareness of our own potential and power to make ripples in our world.

I decided to take up this challenge, parsing through possibilities, unfortunately but not uncommonly, during the wee hours of the morning, laying in bed, in the dark, my brain pulsing with ideas, debating on whether or not I should just get up and start typing.

Today is Sunday so here I sit with coffee and some lovely sun streaming through my office window, putting onto paper, to get some clarity, those thoughts that were generated earlier today. Here it is.

Every month I am gong to add something to my canvas and then write about it. The purpose being, that if I write down my intent, it will happen or at least will offer up a reminder of how excited I was about this at 3am. I invite you to join me……

January Chapter 2 (3?)

My canvas begins with my acknowledgment of my travels from March 2020 to now. Having pre-semi-retirement musings prior to COVID, I none the less went into a bit of a shock mode as my career decisions were suddenly being made by a virus. Gratefully if not gracefully, I have landed upright and am moving forward into either the 2nd or possibly 3rd Chapter. Not that the book is in any way close to publishing, as editing and proofing ongoing, but that the plot is shifting and the main character has, with great energy and enthusiasm, pushed through the safety doors into an open field of possibilities. I am already planting seeds for further nurturing and blossoming!

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