Riva Capellari

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Located in Brookside in the heart of Kansas City



Our voice is not only our primary vehicle of communication, it also acts as a personal identifier. reVoice aims to assist people in discovering their vocal potential and to promote ease and confidence in expressing thoughts and emotions that define who they are.


Riva Capellari specializes in healthy, functional vocal training focused on integration of the voice and body, stress reduction and overall physical, mental and emotional health to enhance your personal and professional life. Her holistic approach explores the influence of culture, life experience and physical awareness on how we utilize our voice and view ourselves through that medium. Trained in Somatic Voicework(SM) The LoVetri Method I & II, for teaching and singing contemporary and commercial music and Vocology, the habilitation of the voice, Ms. Capellari employs science-based methods in her vocal instruction and vocal health care programs.


Riva Capellari has devoted the past 45+ years to teaching and performing while continuing her own personal vocal study through ongoing vocal research. Ms. Capellari holds Bachelor’s and Master’s of Music Degrees in Vocal Performance from the University of Michigan’s School of Music with further training through professional workshops and symposiums. In 2006, she received instruction in Vocology from the University of Iowa, through the National Center for Voice and Speech in Denver, Colorado and attended courses in Levels I & II of Somatic Voicework (SM) The LoVetri Method through the Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute of Shenandoah Conservatory.

In addition to teaching at Kansas City Kansas and Johnson County Community Colleges and the Conservatory at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, Riva has maintained a private voice studio since 1975. She presents to various groups including seminary students, women’s groups, businesses and the Association of Career Professionals, which was written up in the Kansas City Star by Diane Stafford.  Ms. Capellari has developed specific workshops for schoolteachers, professionals, political candidates and for those who want to “reclaim” their voices lost and denied them as the result of an earlier negative experience. Having previously co-moderated “Vibrational Healing” workshops for cancer suvivors and those with chronic illness, Riva is now developing a stress reduction workshop using vocal vibration, for hospital and business staff.

As a professional singer, Ms. Capellari has performed in a wide range of venues including guest appearances with symphony orchestras, choral and opera organizations and in solo and chamber music recitals in Michigan, California, Washington, D.C. and Kansas City. She developed, co-produced and performed in two “Women’s Voices” programs for Westport Center of the Arts and has since reformatted this music into a solo vocal recital. She has also spent many years as a church soloist. Currently Ms. Capellari is developing musical  programs for fund-raising and house concert opportunities.