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Chronic Vocal Symptoms of COVID 19

Some people who have had COVID continue to struggle with chronic symptoms, including vocal symptoms, even after 1o months or more. For those who use their voices professionally, either speaking or singing, these continuing symptions have created problems for them in ther work and personal lives. They have suffered from intermittent to persistent hoarseness, discomfort

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So What Do We Know About Covid?

UC Davis Health has published many articles about the current pandemic. Here are a few “common mistakes” about COVID. Research is still evolving around this virus as is the contant barrage of new information. Here is some: not necessarily the last word?

Doctors and scientists believe that contaminated surfaces are not the highest risk for

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Communication Tips

A somatic marker is a physical memory created when we meet someone for the first time?

90% of gestures should be in the “effective zone” close to the body between the waist and shoulders?

Your Voice is Your Business. O. Barone, M.A. & C. Tellis, PhD. Plural Publishing, 2009. Bodymind & Voice: Foundations of Voice

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The Four Pillars of Credibility

Knowledge, competence, experience and integrity.


Your Voice Is Your Business. Barone, Orlando R & Tellis, Cari M. Pural Publishing. 2009

Ask Your Voice

How were you influenced by geography, family, peers, role models?

How do you and your throat feel when you get emotional or when holding your tongue?

Were you encouraged to express yourself during your developing years?

Do you feel you have a creative outlet in your life now?

Primates and Speech

that primates’ vocal tracts are incapable of generating the full range of sounds needed for human speech AND that similarities between unrelated languages results from the anatomical limits of the vocal structure


Speech Science Primer, 3rd ed. Borden, Harris & Raphael. Williams & Wilkin, 1994.