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reVoice Begins a New Year

reVoice is back in business January 6th.

If you are a cancer survivor, have a chronic illness or are a caregiver, join Joy Zimmerman and me at Turning Point for our vibrational healing workshop, Thursday, January 9th from 2-3:30. Call to 913-574-0900 to enroll.

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New Workshop

This interactive and hands-on-workshop is designed to empower professionals in using their voice effectively in presentation and training settings. Your voice impacts how people hear what you have to say. This workshop includes instruction in how the voice works, how to care and maintain your voice. Gain confidence in public speaking when you have a

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Cold Temperatures, Dry Air

Remember with cold weather approaching our furnaces will kick on, drying out the air in our homes, cars and offices. Our bodies will need extra hydration so keep drinking water and better yet, get a humidifyer. Live plants will also add moisture to the air.