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The Voice as a Gift

During the time of the pandemic (as it will be called I am sure when we reminisce about it), I have luxuriated in one of my most favorite of activities – reading. Gleaning my “must reads” from the end of the year NYTimes Best Books List, I have been leisurely running through them, checking out

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My Sabbatical

Back in March when the first “lockdown” went into effect, I like many I am sure, thought we would be up and running by June at the very least. However, as the weeks tumbled along, it became clear to me that my industry was facing some real hard realities. It wasn’t just the

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Staying Essential and Alive!

Overcoming the realization that what I do for a living was inessential during this pandemic was difficult enough, but discovering that actually continuing to work in the same mode was suddenly life- threatening, put my resiliency to the test.

I am a voice teacher. Most people are familiar with the airborne transmission

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Transformative Stillness

In January I decided to randomly churn out these newsletters. Here it is, only a month since my last communication and I am once again hitting the computer. I have more time now to reflect, and to write these reflections down.

In an article entitled “Stillness As A Form of Action”

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Let It Go

I recently experienced a relevatory reflective moment in which the words “letting go” emerged from the dark recesses of my mind into a bright, crystalline sign.

Sometimes when a student gets caught up trying to do something exactly right, they to get stuck. I tell them to “let go”, let the

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Tending Our Inner Gardens

For this final issue of 2019, I look ahead to the last season of the year, winter.

I have an antagonist relationship with winter. I am not fond of its short days, cold, biting winds that seep into my bones and its eternal gray skies that zap my spirit and paralyze

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