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My Personal Fractal Theory of LIfe

I just read an article about Benoit Mandelbrot who penned his mathematical theory, “fractal geometry”. He believes that underneath what we see, sense and experience as chaos, lies a “pattern of irregularities” that repeats itself.

Fractal: from the verb frangere (to break) and the word fractus (fragmented). “A type of mathematical shape that

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A Community of Trees

Summer is here and thinking about my next essay in my tree series, the phrase, “forest for the trees” comes to mind. I took a pause to contemplate what that really means. That we don’t see the big picture? That we are too focused on detail? I gently nuanced my way into the idea

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Pages of Trees

I love books. Libraries are some of my favorite places. I love their restfulness. I love walking around in them, scanning titles and covers, pulling a book off a shelf to read the inside of the front cover, look at the author’s photo on the back. Whenever I moved to a new city, one

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2023 The Year of the Tree

2023 The Year of the Tree

After my challenging and invigorating project for 2022, “creating my canvas”, I rummaged through my collection of essays and philosophical meanderings to arrive at an often visited theme – Trees. From discovering their below ground, inter-connectedness and moving through their seasonal changes and upheavals,

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Finishing the Canvas

It has been an unbelievable journaling year for me, thanks to Joy Zimmerman’s terrific idea for 2022 – to design and create our own canvas. I took up the challenge and not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself, but came to realize that this task propelled me to plumb the depths of things

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Wintering Part Two

November is the month we celebrate my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and while I am not a big fan of holidays in general (except my birthday which I realize is not actually a holiday for most), I am partial to this one as it has escaped (mostly) the commercialization beset upon others, involves wonderful

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