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Vocal Athletes

Singing training is physical training. Singers train to be stronger, more flexible and more capable of singing what they want to sing in a functional, healthy manner.


Jeanne LoVetri


Statistics for Alternative Treatment

In 2008, Americans spent approximately $32 billion on alternative therapies for their health.



Benninger, Michael S. & Murray, Thomas. The Singer’s Voice. Plural Publishing. 2008.

GERD stats

Up to 60% of the population in the U.S. will experience some level of GERD during the year (20%-30% weekly).


76% of musicians report they have medical problems that negatively effect their performance.


Sataloff, Robert, M.D., D.M.A. Vocal Health and Pedagogy. Singular Publishers. San Diego & London.

Rockin’ Hair

In 1968, Hair was the first rock musical to be presented on Broadway.


2006 The Voice Workshop, NYC

The Voice Goes Back to Shcool

The cost in the U.S. for medical costs for teachers because of voice loss and for replacement subs is approximately 2.5 billion dollars annually.