Riva Capellari

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Located in Brookside in the heart of Kansas City

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She knows her stuff

Fun, enthusiastic, and she knows her stuff. If you’re looking for a vocal instructor who makes voice lessons an adventure, Riva is the one. Since I’ve been coming here every Wednesday since 2016, she’s been the highlight of my week. My singing has improved so much since I first started. HIGHLY recommended.


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Here's Somebody Who Could Really Help Me

I attended Riva’s introductory small group class because I wanted to improve my everyday speaking voice and delivery. During those classes, she worked individually with us for short periods, and I could see how quickly she identified each student’s strengths and weaknesses and adapted her exercises and advice to each of us rather than following

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As an aspiring story teller

who is a trauma survivor, I have been taking vocal lessons with Riva in order to not only develop my vocal skills, but to also find my authentic self. When I began taking lessons with Riva, I believed that my motivation and discipline would help me make progress in a consistent, systematic way. However, I

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That dreadful night

I was so scared of taking voice lessons that I had decided to show up for the first lesson, pay for 5 lessons and leave as soon as possible. It’s been 2 1/2 years since that dreadful night and I really look forward to my time each week with Riva. She is a great teacher,

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I truly enjoyed….

I truly enjoyed your class. You are an awesome teacher. You have such energy and spirit. I was encouraged. Thank you!


A 30 year hiatus

Following a 30 year plus hiatus from music, I began studying again in 2008. Since then two women have profoundly influenced and fundamentally changed my life. The transformation from civilian to musician began and continues with Cindy Egger and now also with Riva Capellari.

It has not been quite a year since I started with

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