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Why Did Mama Sing Tenor?

According to the 2009 Chorus Impact Study by Chorus America, 18% of the United States’ general population has one or more adults in their home singing in a choir , many of them women, and yet even today, you find very little information on how menopause effects the female voice. In their recent

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How Do Vocal Folds Work



Stressed from haggling with yourself over this year’s resolutions? Just remember, “don’t worry, be happy”!

According to Oliver Burkeman, the “perils of plans” may wreak havoc on our lives, causing self-disappoint-ment when we fail to achieve our goals. Goals he says, are often made not because we have thoroughly

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Have you ever experienced the sensation of the world seeming to slip away and there is just you “in the moment”? Whether an athlete or a performer, getting into the “zone” becomes an important asset in the delivery of a peak performance. So what is this “out of self” experience and how and why

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Vocal Shape UP!

It may seem a bit early for my annual “Back to School” issue, but teachers will be returning to their classrooms in a little over a month so now is the time for them to think about readying the voice for those long, intense speaking days when school starts in earnest. Although the voice gets

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The Musical Brain

When neuroscientist, Paul Kalanithi was faced with his own mortality, he wrote down his musings in his book “When Breath Becomes Air”. He had begun to question his assumption that the mind is just the mechanics of the brain. Could the mind possibly have a life and an intelligence of its own outside the physical

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