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Seasonal Life

It is the beginning of spring now. The older I get, the more I am aware on multifarious levels of these seasonal changes. Born and raised in Michigan, these annual metamorphoses were very much intertwined with my daily life. It wasn’t until I moved to California for 3 years that I sensed how infected

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The Blessings of Darkness

I received a lovely Christmas gift this year, an Advent Calendar with daily messages from Joy Zimmerman. While they all have been delightful, the poem she read on December 21st, the winter solstice, blossomed into something unexpected.

Having completed my “blank canvas” challenge for 2022, I have been wandering

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Random-Sporadic – My September Canvas

Growing up in Michigan, Labor Day was the cut off for summer and the beginning of the school year. Nowadays that distinction belongs to the month of August, but even after teaching so many years here in Missouri, that lingering memory of stretching summer out til the end of Labor Day Monday, bubbles

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Mapping Our Mind Time

Having celebrated my annual birth date last month, I’ve been spending more time thinking of the life I have already lived. Memories of family vacations, friends from different parts of my life, places I visited and made my home, events that have lodged in my head. They form a find of “infrastructure” from

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My February Canvas

Resilience / Optimism

Resilience: 1) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; 2) the ability to spring back, elasticity

Optimism: 1) attitude reflecting a belief or hope for a positive, successful or desirable outcome; a trait that fosters resilience

As we enter my second least favorite month

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Is that a Question?

A new video for those vocal fry and upspeak habits!