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Our vital life force

Meridians: in traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are pathways through the body along which an energy (qi) moves to integrate and balance the energy within our entire being. Each meridian relates to certain functions, processes and emotions in the body, such as lung, spleen and heart meridians.



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What are PPIs?

Proton-pump inhibitors: medication that reduces stomach acid made by the glands in the stomach lining. Used to treat GERD, stomach ulcers and damage to the lower esophagus from acid reflux.


First Responders

Neutrophils are white blood cells in plasma and are the first responders to tissue damage or injury.


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Music on the Spot!

Improvisation: the art of spontaneous composition, variation or ornamentation; a creation of the moment




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Are You a Professional Voice User?

A professional voice user is someone who uses the voice as a primary means of occupational communication.

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Gamma Waves

brain waves around 30-80 Hz, found in professional meditators. Possibly indicates a high-level of precognition and information processing.



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