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My Sabbatical

Back in March when the first “lockdown” went into effect, I like many I am sure, thought we would be up and running by June at the very least. However, as the weeks tumbled along, it became clear to me that my industry was facing some real hard realities. It wasn’t just the

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Staying Essential and Alive!

Overcoming the realization that what I do for a living was inessential during this pandemic was difficult enough, but discovering that actually continuing to work in the same mode was suddenly life- threatening, put my resiliency to the test.

I am a voice teacher. Most people are familiar with the airborne transmission

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So What Do We Know About Covid?

UC Davis Health has published many articles about the current pandemic. Here are a few “common mistakes” about COVID. Research is still evolving around this virus as is the contant barrage of new information. Here is some: not necessarily the last word?

Doctors and scientists believe that contaminated surfaces are not the highest risk for

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The scoop on airborne virus transmission while singing

What an odyssey we have all been on.

For me, as for many private voice teachers, the scientific information regarding airborne virus transmission brought about a dramatic change in the way we teach our private voice students. Initially I imagined that I would be returning to the status quo, in person

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Transformative Stillness

In January I decided to randomly churn out these newsletters. Here it is, only a month since my last communication and I am once again hitting the computer. I have more time now to reflect, and to write these reflections down.

In an article entitled “Stillness As A Form of Action”

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How Do Vocal Folds Work