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“Why Can’tThis Be My Life”?

I asked myself, at least in my head, not that it mattered either way as I live alone and no one else would have heard it even if I had said it aloud. My schedule was rather empty of clients those first 2 weeks of January because of COVID rearing its big head

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Is that a Question?

A new video for those vocal fry and upspeak habits!

A Strong Voiced at any Age

In his book, The Odyssey of the Voice, R. Arking, defines aging as “the time -independent series of cumulative, progressive, intrinsic, and deleterious functional and structural changes that usually begin to manifest themselves at reproductive maturity and eventually culminate in death1. Sounds rather daunting, but hopefully you will continue to read on for

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My heart has almost always had a warm and fuzzy place for fall. Winter, not so much. It seems filled with more night than day. Cold air that hurts my lungs. Icy sidewalks that turn into hip breakers in the blink of an eye, slippery roads that white knuckle me right into high

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An Evolutionary Year

Having neglected my website for awhile, I purused my collection of writings and found this from March. Would like to share this now.

On the year anniversary of the initial COVID “lockdown” I feel as if I have come full circle. Having journeyed through several evolutions, I recently had an “aha” moment

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Why Did Mama Sing Tenor?

According to the 2009 Chorus Impact Study by Chorus America, 18% of the United States’ general population has one or more adults in their home singing in a choir , many of them women, and yet even today, you find very little information on how menopause effects the female voice. In their recent

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