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Private Voice Lessons:

One on one vocal training in the healthy, functional use of the voice for both singing and speaking. You will discover your vocal possibilities through a “wholistic”, mind-body approach that incorporates yoga-like stretches, postural and breathing exercises,vocal warm ups and relaxation practices. You will gain confidence as you learn how the voice works and how to utilize your voice’s full potential. You will be given information on how to care for the voice and how singing and vocal training enhances your health and your life. Lessons are geared towards each individual student and their vocal and musical needs. You may view my studio policy and rates by clicking here.

Explore the Healing Benefits of Your Voice Workshop

Would you life to speak up or sing out with confidence? This workshop was developed to help people rediscover and “reclaim” their voices. Led by Riva Capellari, singer and vocal instructor and Joy Zimmerman, LMSW and singer/songwriter, attendees are encouraged to find a new relationship with their voices through movement, breath and non-judgmental sound exploration. If you are vocally self-conscious or apprehensive when it comes to using your voice, we hope you will join us to rediscover the joys our voices can bring!

Voice Workshop for Professionals

This workshop is designed to help professionals improve their communication skills and enhance their presentation delivery through understanding how to access their voice and keep them strong and healthy.  This interactive, hands-on workshop will focus on the components of healthy, efficient vocal function such as posture, breathing, vocal projection, warms ups and delivery techniques. You will gain confidence through understanding how the voice works and how you can  manage your delivery.

1 1/2 – 3 hours


This 1 hour presentation includes introductory information on healthy, functional vocal production, vocal anatomy and vocal health care. Relevant to the needs and goals of your particular group will be referenced.


These 1 ½ – 2 hour workshops are hands on workshops in which individuals participate in the postural, breathing and vocal exercises presented. Depending on the size of the group, there may be time for individual assessments and feedback on proper breathing, vocal technique and presentation delivery. Although basic fundamentals of vocal production will be taught, each workshop will be geared towards the group’s particular needs and goals.

Businesses, choral groups, professional speaker group

*Teacher’s Workshop: This workshop is specifically developed for school teachers because of their high vocal risk. A hands on experience, this workshop gives teachers the opportunity to learn and practice correct breathing, daily vocal warm ups, projection techniques to prevent vocal strain and how to care for and maintain a healthy voice throughout the school year.

Women’s Voices Program

Voice and piano recital featuring music by women composers. Suitable for organizations or  private house concerts. Length of concert and fee vary depending on need. Also available for weddings and funerals and church services.

Gift Packages:

For all occasions, a unique gift for that special someone. Certificates are  emailed out to either the giver or recipient. Certificates can be used toward private instruction, classes or Sunday workshops. Prices range from $25 – $90:

  • ½ hour instruction – $25
  • 1 hour instruction – $50
  • 1 ½ hour instruction – $70
  • 2 hours instruction – $90